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Sewer Pipelining, Pipe Repair Service in  Katy TX

Katy TX Plumbing offers a cost effective pipe replacement & Pipe Lining with Cure-In-Place for both residential and commercial in Katy area.

Cure-In-Place pipe lining is a sewer lateral rehabilitation method. The most common pipes that need to be replaced are sewer lines and water lines.

No Digging is required when you use our trenchless pipe rehab services. In the past the only way to repair or replace a pipe under your home or business was to dig a trench over the damaged section of pipe. This is no longer required. Our Pipelining service allows us to install a new pipe inside the old damaged, cracked, broken or root infested pipe. No matter how bad your old pipe is, we can clean out the debris and install the new pipe sleeve inside and make the pipe new again

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